Week 2 Roundup!

In Economics, Health Care Reform, History and Politics, Taxes on June 7, 2009 at 8:37 am

So, one week later, and the Realignment Project is going on strong, so a belated roundup is in order.

The scoreboard currently looks like this:

  • 8 posts, 5 comments (three of them pingbacks)
  • 141 visits, averaging about 50 per week

At least in terms of visits, that’s a steady average, although I think we can do better.

Posts for the week, if you’d like to catch up:

  • Technical Difficulties Post: Taxes and Revenue (continuing a debate about whether raising taxes increases revenues, and why the supply-side argument that tax cuts increase revenues is wrong, and debunking the argument that raising taxes damages economic growth).
  • Kennedy’s 12-Page Plan: Why the Devil’s In the Details (dissecting the Chairman of the Senate HELP (Health, Employment, Labor, and pensions) Committee’s proposal for health care reform, and showing why small changes in regulations make huge policy differences.)
  • Sisyphyus’ Rock: Inflation vs. the Left (talking about the history of how the Left has dealt with the question of inflation versus deflation throughout history, and why progressives shouldn’t have to fear that the only way to deal with (future) inflation is to attack workers’ wages.)

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