Week 4/Month 1 Roundup!

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Ok, a full month has come and gone, so where does the Realignment Project stand?

  • 12 substantive posts, 3 a week
    • Three posts week (spaced out every other day) looks like a good, sustainable pace for my own essays;’
    • I’m waiting on some collaborators who can fill in the gaps and keep content flowing, so hopefully we’ll be moving to a new essay-post every day as soon as possible.
  • 411 hits, 120 in the last week alone
    • This is a very encouraging growth rate, pulling in traffic from other blogs, diaries on DailyKos, and social networking sites.
    • This I’m particularly happy about, getting some conversations going.

So, my “ask” for readers is twofold: first, continue to read but also comment, so that we can make The Realignment Project more of a dialogue and debate. Second, pass on the word – if you can put this site on your blogroll (if you have a blog), if you can forward it via the handy row of buttons at the bottom of each post, to help spread word-of-mouth, that would help.

So, the last month’s posts, arranged by topic:

Health Care Reform:

Economic Policy:

Taxes and Budgets:

Law and Politics:


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