Week 12/Month 3 Roundup!

In Budget Politics, California, Climate Change, Economic Planning, Economics, Education Reform, Environment, European Politics, Financial Crisis, Full Employment, Health Care Reform, History and Law, History and Politics, Housing, Inequality, Liberalism, Living Wage, Mass Transit, New Deal, Political Ideology, Political Parties, Politics, Politics of Policy, Poverty, Progressivism, Public Policy, Public Works, Regulation, Social Democracy, Social Policy, Social Security, Taxes, U.K Politics, Unions, Welfare State, WPA on August 18, 2009 at 12:01 pm

So a third month has come and gone, and The Realignment Project has gone from strength to strength. Let’s see if we can’t keep this going!

So where do we stand in the last month?

  • 16 substantive posts, or precisely 4 a week as promised. We’re still looking for contributors to get that up to 7 a week, so if you’re interested, send me a line…
  • 1,710 visits, more than twice as many as last month, and showing a clear trend of increasing average weekly visits.

So without further ado, our last month’s posts in roundup:

Politics/Political Ideology:

Social Welfare State/Taxes:

Economic Policy:

Jobs Policy:

Other Topics:



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